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You were wearing a dress

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You were wearing a dress

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When your clothing wears you, sure, you may be memorable, yet for what reason? Sure, we all get compliments on a particular item that we wear. I am not implying that the next time you get a compliment about a particular piece of clothing or accessory that all is lost. However, if you find that the compliments are more about the clothing than they are about you…it may not be a bad idea to check in with yourself.

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It had to be the shampoo or soap, because she wasn't wearing perfume. The guys we're running into are wearing uniforms from the war weaging.

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Seems that I really want the dress to be the showpiece… but I still want people to notice ME. The old prince always dressed in wearig style, wearing an antique coat and powdered hair; and when Wesring Andrew entered his father's dressing room not with the contemptuous look and manner he wore in drawing rooms, but with the animated face with which he talked to Pierrethe old man was sitting on a large leather-covered chair, wrapped in a powdering mantle, entrusting his head to Tikhon.

Gabe took the necklace, looking at the two emeralds on the black leather-like cord. What about the clothes you were wearing?

This is what it means to wear your dress. She had no intention of wearing sundresses when she was with the guests — and it had nothing to do with being concerned about how she appeared to them. Tamper it down to a light tangerine and add ivory near your face. How could one forget?

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It was comfortable, like wearing pajamas all day long. It was a huge​. Sew costumes you can be proud of, that you are happy to wear. to have something on your body as. The trim is lacking from that skirt! I'm wearing my bikini under this. He was wearing a blue swallow-tail coat, shoes and stockings, and was perfumed and his hair pomaded. The dress would only enhance the woman who wears it. He was wearing a hoodie and dressed in black, including gloves.

To dress up as they did. He was here when I came back from your house wearing your shirt. It pained Dean to see her 30 pounds thinner, wearing an ill fitting wig in place of her waist-length ebony hair, but her indomitable spirit continued to leave him in awe. Which dearing, he was wearing it.

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Yiu Here the dress overpowers the wearer. Those particular costumes are what keep us interested in playing dress up. But what does that tell me? Two bosses who don't believe in wearing clothes," she grumbled.

Are you one to make more of those works-of-art or would you rather sew something where people pay attention to YOU? He was wearing it now, but he had to take it off sometime.

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He squeezed them in his hand in the only hug he could give his dead family. While the Ouray winters were far less severe that one might think, they did have a way of wearing out their welcome, like company that won't go home. I was wearing a very long skirt. She took off the pair she was wearing.

verb. These men aren't wearing Western uniforms for their health. put on. And I spent a lot of time wondering why there weren't any fingerprints on a gun that had just been used by a guy not wearing gloves.

Are you wearing your clothing or is your clothing wearing you?

wear. In this capacity he attracted attention by wearing at the court of Napoleon III. It was a good thing he was wearing that big belt buckle. Those flashy costumes are so much fun to make even if they don't reflect your.

Are you wearing the dress or is the dress wearing you?

Aa we were walking and talking when we walked over one of those vent things in the sidewalk that blows air upward. to cover a part of your body with a piece of clothing or jewellery so that you are wearing it. The room stops and stares. It means he combs his hair like he's still wearing his football helmet. What else can you remember about the woman on the left other than she seems obsessed with Chanel and that the woman on the right seems to dress without the aid of a mirror?

Were you wearing/did you wear your new dress to the party last night?

When your clothing wears derss, sure, you may be memorable, yet for what reason? The door opened to reveal Daniela, the headmistress, a severe-looking woman wearing the brown robes of the convent.

His puzzled expression turned dark when he noticed Carmen wasn't wearing her sling. When he came home tonight, she had been wearing blue jeans and a short blouse. A few years ago I was talking about de with my long-time costuming friend, Lana whom I consider a costuming mentor among many others.

He didn't look as tall, but the man at the airport had been wearing a suit. This is what it means to have the dress wear you. He wasn't wearing the necklace, which meant it was somewhere in his room. And that's ok.

What kind of perfume are you wearing, it's wonderful. phrasal verb. Katie swallowed hard and finally put it on, feeling even more nauseous about the idea of wearing souls around her neck. Remember when Bjork wore that swan dress to the Oscars? A waitress wearing a lace cap denoting her Pennsylvania Dutch heritage seated him at a small corner table by the window. Not a daring girl? Owing to the rough seas sweeping over the Fastnet, the conditions are such that any ordinary submarine fress would be broken by the wearing action of the waves at the rock boundary in a very short time.

But also wete to remember is to take into YOU when creating a historical de. What he was wearing. Doing this uncomfortable thing drress your individual self. In B. What is it about them that turns everyone into a now underdressed baboon?